The Basic Guide for Genetics Mix Cooking

Foods Made Thru Mix Cooking Gives +20 to a certain stats

Lvl 1: Creates 1 Food

Lvl 2: Creates 10 Food

Food & IngredientsEdit

Savage Roast

Wolf's Blood

Ice Crystal

Red herb

Cocktail Wrag BloodEdit

+20 INT
3 mother's Tite
2 Cold Ice - Snowier

Siroma Iced TeaEdit

+20 DEX
1 Comodo Tropical Fruit - you can buy it from comodo
3 Powdered Ice - Ice Titan
2 Ice Crystal - Icicle

Drosera herb SaladEdit

+20 AGI
3 drosera tentacle - Drosera 

5Fucking SHET

Petite Tail NoodlesEdit

+20 LUK
Rosary[1] x 20

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